May 5, 2015


Need a speaker for your event?

I speak on issues in Christian apologetics, culture, discipleship, and philosophy. I regularly speak at conferences, camps, and church events. I also, from time to time, preach behind a pulpit.

“Apologetics as devotional”

“How to doubt and have faith without exploding”

“Is Jesus the only way?”

“The Richness and Reliability of the Bible”

“God is great: The apologetics of great-making properties”

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“The Reliability and Richness of the Bible”

Guest Speaker: Travis Dickinson from FBC Uvalde on Vimeo.


“The Epistemology of Doubt” at the 2017 Stand Firm Apologetics conference


Stand Firm Apologetics 2015 conference : “God is Great: God not god and the apologetics of great-making properties”

Chapel Sermon:


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