The Benefit of the Doubt

A blog about Dialogue, Doubts, and Christian Faith ~Travis Dickinson~


Welcome to The Benefit of the Doubt where I talk about the art of dialogue, the value of doubts, and the virtue of Christian faith.

The art of dialogue

I LOVE to dialogue about big ideas, especially with those with whom I disagree. But the tone of most discussions are, let’s call it, unproductive. I’m really interested in helping people with the art of dialoguing well.

The value of doubts

No one likes to doubt deeply cherished beliefs. However, I want to suggest that there is great value in our doubts. When handled properly, they lead to truth and knowledge, and even deeper faith.

The virtue of Christian faith

I’m convinced that Christianity is true, good and beautiful. I’m convinced that Jesus is peerless. Though faith is often disparaged, caricatured and deeply misunderstood, I’m convinced that Christian faith is the primary way to flourish as a human being.

I am the author of Everyday Apologetics (Seminary Hill Press, 2015) and coauthor of Stand Firm: Apologetics and the Brilliance of the Gospel (B&H, forthcoming)


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My dear friend and colleague, professor Travis Dickinson, is a highly educated, bright, and articulate person with a heart of gold and a character to match.  And he is  genuine seeker of truth who has concluded that the central ideas that constitute “mere Christianity” are not only true, but more rational to believe than their negations.  His website is a gathering place for those seeking conversation, powerful and relevant ideas, all presented in an attractive manner.  I am so very happy to endorse his website and the other work he does.

JP Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

More about me:

I am currently the Associate Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Since I grew up in New Jersey, I decided to attend Alaska Bible College (BA in Education, 1999). Alaska was really cold, so I thawed a little in teaching High School classes in Bible and mathematics from 1999-2004 in Denver, CO. There is no ocean in Colorado, so I began my graduate work at Biola University (MA in Christian Apologetics, 2003) in southern California with the intent to pursue graduate work in World Religions. Upon finding myself gripped more by the philosophical questions underlying the religious ones, I returned to Biola (this time Biola’s seminary, Talbot School of Theology) for their philosophy program (MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, 2006). I had not completely solved any philosophical problems so I pursued answers at the University of Iowa (MA and PhD in Philosophy, 2011). I am currently working on answers to these questions at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I teach in both Scarborough College and the School of Theology. At Scarborough, I teach the humanities seminars, exploring the great books, as well as courses in philosophy and apologetics.

In the School of Theology, I teach philosophy and apologetics. Here we offer a MA in Christian Apologetics, MA in Philosophy (launching Fall 2017), and a PhD in Philosophy of Religion.

I love to challenge students to think hard and to do so with care. I’m convinced that pursuing truth and thinking well can be an act of worship as we love God with our minds.

My scholarly research interests center on epistemology and philosophy of religion (and all related areas!).

I also contribute print articles for the Christian Research Journal.

I once had some hobbies but now I spend most of my time exploring the good life with my wife and four children.



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  1. Barrow

    I (yesterday) read an article by you for the Christian Research Journal and was delighted to read your work. I’m a teenager and for a LONG time have been terrified by the thought of “What if a dedicated atheist and I met and I wasn’t the one asking the questions?” Or even “What if I was?” I would love to get in touch with you about some questions I have. (assuming this gets read) Thanks for your time.

    1. Travis Dickinson

      Thanks Barrow! Hit me up anytime at

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